UUID Generator Generates a UUID v4
Note Shifter Shifts a Note x Steps up or down
Text Reverse Reverse a Text Front to Back
Password Generator Generates Passwords
Text Lowercase Reverse a Text Front to Back
Text Uppercase Reverse a Text Front to Back
Roll the Dice Generates Numbers between 1-6
camelCase to SNAKE_CASE Converts camelCase to SNAKE_CASE
snake_CASE to camelCase Converts snake_CASE to camelCase
Roll the Dice20 Generates Numbers between 1-20
camelCase to snake_case Converts camelCase to snake_case
Character Counter Counts every Character
Roll the Dice100 Generates Numbers between 1-100
JSON Prettify Prettify JSON Strings
JSON Minify Minify JSON Strings
Color Generator Generates a Random Color
String to base64 Encodes a String to Base64
base64 to String Decodes Base64 to a String
Note Generator Generates and plays a Note
Image to base64 Encodes a Image to Base64
base64 to Image Decodes Base64 to a Image
Basic Calculator Opens a Calculator
decToHex Converts Decimal to Hexadecimal
hexToDec Converts Hexadecimal to Decimal
Stock portfolio tracker Shows your Stock
decToBin Converts Decimal to Binary
binToDec Converts Binary to Decimal
Minecraft Coordinate Calculator Calculates the Region File
decToRoman Converts Decimal to Roman
romanToDec Converts Roman to Decimal
Get Time Since Calculates the days since a given date
Get Time Difference Calculates the Time between given Time
Stop Timer Gives a Alert after Timer Ends
Get Metar Weather for ICAO Code Current weather for ICAO Code
Get Weather Shows the Weather
Public Transport Departures Shows current public transport Departures
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